NBN Bridge Tap

So you have been experiencing issues with slow speed or you internet dropping sync. You call your Service Provider and they tell you your NBN service has a 'Bridge Tap". They advise you to engage a private technician to sort out your problem.

What does this mean?

A Bridge Tap is basically redundant copper wires either inside but also sometimes outside your premises.

There may be disused sockets and or old disused equipment such as a back to base alarm system, EFTPOS or Fax services that are still connected to your incoming service but no longer in use.

We have specialist tools to measure the performance of any cabling network.

In order to optimize network performance, we can test the cabling for any issues within the building for items such as a Bridge Tap.

Once the issue is diagnosed we can then re-wire your copper based NBN service, disconnecting all unused redundant wiring and / or equipment.

If your issue is within your premises, we can fix any internal cabling issues to provide the best service possible for your location.

Bridge Tap