National Broadband Network.

The NBN will provide most businesses and households throughout Australia with faster internet services. Traditionally in most cases internet services since their beginnings have been delivered via the copper telephone network. With the roll out of the NBN this is changing and your telephone services will be delivered via your fast internet service.

The NBN can be delivered to your premises via one of many options including optical fibre directly to your premises, fibre to the node (fibre to a box near your premises then delivered the last few meters via the existing copper network), fibre to the curb (fibre to a pit near your premises then delivered the last few meters via the existing copper network), fixed wireless (dish pointed at a local tower), cellular wireless (mobile phone network) or Satellite

neogate VOIP telephone adaptor

Most people ask;

"What does this mean for me and my Telephone System?"

When your NBN service arrives at your premises, depending on your location you may have no choice but to upgrade to the new technology. Some areas will have existing services stay and wont have to change for a long time.

"What are my Telephone System NBN options?"

You have 2 main options;

Option 1, 99% of all existing Telephone Systems are compatible with the NBN either by upgrading the existing equipments trunk card or by attaching a digital to analogue telephone adapter (ATA). Neogate gateways bridge the gap between your existing Telephone System and the NBN saving unnecessary and costly upgrades.

Option 2, Purchase a new Telephone System.

We are happy to provide an estimate for what ever option you choose.

Correctly implemented, the NBN can significantly reduce the cost of using your Telephone System.


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