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National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is single-handedly responsible for connecting most of Australia with high quality broadband internet.  No matter what the system is for whether it be large, corporate offices, single homes, or apartment complexes, the NBN is a sophisticate blend of technology currently benefitting lots of people from many walks of life.


Regardless of the innovative achievement that is the NBN, the fact remains that it is a technology based on infrastructure, and infrastructure requires maintenance. To this end, Data and Voice Plus offer superlative NBN Internal Cabling options, to ensure that no matter what’s going on outside your home – your internal set up is as secure as possible.

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Data Voice Plus NBN Fault Repairs

The way the NBN current works is this; fibre optic cables run from your supplier to a box somewhere in your area called a “Node.” You can think of these Nodes as a big library full of modems. The networks connect to these nodes using fibre optic cables, and then your home is connected to the Nodes by copper cables, running from your home’s “Junction Box.” The Junction box then runs cables inside your house that your modem and router connect to, granting you access to the internet.


When there’s a problem connecting to the internet, sometimes it’s a problem with your external cabling – that is – the cables that connect your junction box to the node, and the node to your service provider. However, sometimes it’s an issue with your internal cabling. This can be damage caused by vermin, weather or water damage, poor quality infrastructure, and more.

When a fault occurs within this internal cabling is where Data and Voice Plus comes in. We are experts in the field of internal cabling repair for the NBN, and fault repair within the home is something we’re renowned for. Over the years we’ve garnered a reputation as a company that offers fast, reliable services, and it’s a reputation we’re justly proud of. If you want to see for yourself, however, maybe try to contact us at (03) 9333 7320 for Craigieburn, or (03) 5831 2040 for Shepparton. Alternatively, you can contact us here, or email us at!

Most people ask;
"What does this mean for me and my Telephone System?"

When your NBN service arrives at your premises, depending on your location you may have no choice but to upgrade to the new technology. Some areas will have existing services stay and wont have to change for a long time.

"What are my Telephone System NBN options?"

You have 2 main options;

Option 1, 99% of all existing Telephone Systems are compatible with the NBN either by upgrading the existing equipments trunk card or by attaching a digital to analogue telephone adapter (ATA). Neogate gateways bridge the gap between your existing Telephone System and the NBN saving unnecessary and costly upgrades.

Option 2, Purchase a new Telephone System.

We are happy to provide an estimate for what ever option you choose.

Correctly implemented, the NBN can significantly reduce the cost of using your Telephone System.


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