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Business communications, both internally and externally, with customers and vendors has seen a huge paradigm shift. The prevalence of voice and video communication through the internet has exacerbated the importance of a consistently fast and reliable connection. To maintain the optimal performance, the best option is optical fibre cabling. However, the issue is that the bulk of service providers in the industry lack the right experience when it comes to the integration of fibre optic systems with new and existing equipment. This means that when it comes to servicing your network infrastructure, your choice of company is paramount.


With many businesses shifting to optical fibre cabling to handle the increased demand for better bandwidth, the requirement for a network that can efficiently carry large amounts of data without difficulty cannot be understated. Comprehensive fibre optic services are the need of the hour to ensure that the speed is always consistent and reliable.


VoIP telephone systems and video conference calls have become extremely commonplace in day-to-day business activities. Fibre optic systems are ideal for such services due to their rapid, and cost-effective handling of large amounts of data. However, some can face issues with the reliability and connectivity in their fibre optic systems due to either erroneous installation, or faulty equipment. This is understandable, as the process for installing fibre optic cable is rather more complicated than installing copper cabling, but when you’re spending your hard-earned money, we believe you deserve the best, and that’s why we’re here.

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Fibre optic patch panels handle the patching, splicing and terminating optical ports with transmission equipment. In most cases, a multi-fibre cable is routed into a “fibre optic breakout tray,” which is then divided into individual ports. The trays are the key behind the organisation and protection of any incoming fibres.


This secure space needs to exist at both the patch points as well as the splice points. The fibre optic breakout tray is meant to protect these optical fibres while ensuring that the strength and reliability of the connections is not compromised in any way. Certain custom-made fibre optic enclosures will allow an added level of density, enabling your IT infrastructure to easily fit multiple fibre cable connections without using an increased amount of physical space.

In short, fibre optic patch panels protect, distribute, and organise fibre optic cables in each IT infrastructure.

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At Data & Voice Plus, we can provide you with optical fibre cable services, making sure that it works to its optimal specification. We have installed multiple fibre optic systems for businesses in the past and our clients have been extremely pleased with their connectivity and high speed. Our diagnostic processes can identify any underlying issues with your fibre optic system, and we can conduct repairs swiftly to ensure that you get the most out of your sizable investment.


Our dedicated team comes with a vast amount of experience in optical fibre cabling installations, repairs, and integration. We focus on constantly up-skilling our team, keeping them up to date with the latest tools and technology in fibre optics, its installation, and maintenance.


To find out exactly how we can help you and your business, please contact us here, or phone us at 03) 9333 7320 for Craigieburn, or (03) 5831 2040 for Shepparton.

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