Do you have slow internet?

Is your internet connected via a copper line?

We can most likely help.

Are you connected to the NBN? Is your internet experience not quite what you expected?

Most service providers have a courier drop off a modem to you and simply tell you to plug it in and everything will start working.

In some cases this is all that will be needed to get you connected and your service will work fine however..........

Was you business or residence constructed and wired for phones and or data before the NBN was even thought of?

Do you have old disused phone sockets connected to your building wiring?

Is there an old disused technology connected to the lines such as old disused phone sockets, fax machine, back to base alarm and old ADSL filters?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, would you consider having a professional licensed technician come to your premises to reconfigure your existing building cabling to achieve better speed?

It may not cost as much as you think. In most cases we can install your new NBN service in less than an hour.

We have had customers in extreme cases experience a 1000% speed increase by a simple re-configure of their existing wiring.

We are unable to provide any guarantee that your speed will increase by any significant amount, but we can provide the best possible results to your site from the local NBN connection point.

Give us a call on 0393337320 for our  Melbourne office or 0358312040 for Goulburn Valley office and we can discuss your issue and provide a rough estimate.