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Data & Voice Plus offer a range of Telephone Systems customized to suit your requirements. Our expertise mean that your business has a plan both for now and when you're ready to expand.

We work with the corporates, government departments, schools, small business and even the home office.

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The importance of business phone systems cannot be understated as it is primarily due to these systems that individuals in a business can freely communicate with each other. Office phone systems have existed for decades as they have enabled seamless communication through multiple departments of a given business. As such a business phone installation needs to be as comprehensive and robust as the services provided by the business.

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The telephone systems used in most companies are known as PBX or Private Branch Exchange. These systems comprise multitudes of exterior lines that can be used by individuals on a shared basis for making phone calls to each other as well as outside the organisation. When you can share lines within a single company, then you can get the benefits of significantly lowered costs as it allows you to have a larger number of handsets as compared to a larger number of lines. This results in virtually unlimited growth when it comes to extensions and trunks. Furthermore, complex functions that are generally not cost-effective and impractical to implement are much easier with a Private Branch Exchange.

Features like call transfer, voicemail, email transferring and placing messages on hold become a lot easier with a comprehensive business phone system.

Small Business Phone Systems

A common misconception is that a business phone system is only a practical option in large companies. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Office phone systems have become commonplace in even small businesses due to their ability to connect multiple departments cohesively. As such, a small business phone system has increased in demand to the point where it is widely regarded as one of the most requested office phone systems in the world of business. Even if an individual owns a small business, a comprehensive business phone installation can go a long way in making significant changes for the better, when it comes to operations and workplace communication.

At Data and Voice Plus, we provide professional solutions for business phone systems all across Melbourne. Our highly skilled technicians can easily take care of your business phone installation while providing you with a small business phone system that will not only increase the range of possibilities for communication but will also make them exceedingly simple.

Office Phone Systems

Comprehensive business phone installation is not an easy task, as it requires the skill of an individual who has spent years installing different systems for different types of companies. There is a wide range of possibilities that come with office phone systems and the only way to understand

which set would be perfect for your business is to communicate with an experienced business phone installation expert. If anything would go wrong with your phone system installation, then not only will it end up costing you a lot of money in rearrangement, but you will also suffer from a significant amount of downtime for your business.

If you require an office phone system that can help your business communicate more effectively then Data & Voice Plus is undoubtedly the best choice as we can offer you a wide range of solutions backed up by the experience of our highly skilled technicians. So, if you want to install a small business phone system, then reach out to Data & Voice Plus today, and our consultant will be more than happy to walk you through our extensive range of options.

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