Move NBN Box


Is your NBN box in a really bad location?


Is your Wi-Fi Signal not able to reach to the other end of your house or business premises because your modem has to be plugged into the poorly located NBN box?


By law, only authorised people can work on NBN Co assets. Any interference, including unauthorised tampering, may result in legal action.


More information can be found at this link .


However..... you still have options.


We can help by running cabling between the NBN Co box and where you require your modem to be located in your house or your businesses comms room.


You may wish to relocate your modem for a range of reasons including;


  • Better Wi-Fi from a more centralized modem location in your home.
  • Ability to plug in your TV or gaming console directly via a cable rather than relying on varying Wi-Fi speeds.
  • Clean up excessive amounts of unsightly wiring and cables.
  • Have direct wired connection to your office for increased speeds over Wi-Fi.


Having your equipment re-located may not cost as much as you think.


Give us a call and we can discuss your options.